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Masterclass: MDT and the Athlete (Aarhus 4.-5. oktober 2019)

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MDT and the Athlete
Aarhus, Risskov

This masterclass highlights the full potential of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in the management of the athletic population.
  • MDT - fit for athletes
  • Manage athletes as an MDT clinician
  • Enjoy the potential in assessment and treatment
  • Practice valid tests to evaluate physical performance
  • MDT in high performance sport
  • Recovery of function, return to sport
  • Treat tendinopathies optimally
Objectives of the Masterclass:
Upon completion of this masterclass, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the relevance and apply the principles of MDT - assessment, management, recovery of function, and prevention - to an athletic population
  • Utilize a variety of MDT-based mechanical loading in the management of sport injuries 
  • Identify risk factors for injuries and advocate effective preventive strategies
  • Integrate current research findings in daily work
  • Use valid and clinical tests to assess 
1stday:         09.00 – 17.00
2ndDay:       09.00 – 16.00

Clinicians with some experience in MDT may benefit the most from this Masterclass. The completion of part C of the MDT Education Program is recommendable.
The course is also open to non-MDT trained clinicians as it may add a considerable new perspective for the management of athletes.

Georg Supp, 
PT, Dip MDT, MT, International Instructor MII, Germany

Georg Supp, Dip.MDT.
Georg has been a fulltime physical therapist since 1992. Since 1997 he has run the rehabilitation centre PULZ in Freiburg in Germany together with MDT-credentialed Wolfgang Schoch. 
He received the Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy from The McKenzie Institute International in 1999. 

The focus of his intensive clinical work is on chronic back and neck patients and extremity problems, especially sports injuries. He’s treating mainly runners of different levels.

He is an international instructor of the McKenzie Institute International and vice president of the German McKenzie branch. Georg is the secretary of the International MDT Research Foundation (IMDTRF) and founder of IMDTRF Germany. He’s also a member of the Education Council of the McKenzie Institute International and a member of the Scientific Committee for the 2020 International McKenzie Congress.

Currently Georg is conducting research on spinal / extremity differentiation (EXPOSS), patient -therapist communication and return to activity for spinal patients.
He is a recreational runner since more than 30 years.
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